Limoncello Recipe


Limoncello 2
Limoncello Laboratory

8 large lemons ( use potato peeler to remove rind )
1 btl. 750 ml vodka ( cheap stuff works just as good as expensive stuff )
2 cups sugar
2 cups water
Large glass container with sealable lid

Pour vodka over lemon rinds in glass jar. Seal jar.

Shake twice each day for 12 days. On 12th day make simple syrup. ( To make, put sugar and water in pot.   Boil for 1 minute. )

While mixture is still warm pour simple syrupwater into vodka/lemon jar. Remove lemon rinds.

Shake twice each day for 4 more days. Remove lemon rinds and pour into small bottles and place in freezer.

Use as needed.

Enjoy the drink of Italy!