November 2010 Newsletter

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Buon Giorno!

Welcome to where you can find specialty items imported from Italy that cannot be found elsewhere, and where you can find items you love to order again and again.

We are thankful for your support of our website and products.  To show our thanks we are offering a Holiday Thanks to all of you returning customers.  With each online purchase until December 31, 2010 you will receive an Amaretti Cookie Product as follows:

$  50.00 – $ 74.99  =  Amaretti Cookie Snaps  7 oz     ($  5.75 value)
$  75.00 – $ 99.99  =  Amaretti Mignon Tin 4.4 oz      ($  8.95 value)
$ 100.00 or greater  =  Amaretti Window Box 7 oz    ($ 12.95 value)

The item will be added automatically to your order when shipped.

AND, here’s some more good news to show you how much we appreciate your return business.  We will send a 16 oz bottle of one of our Formato Brothers products to anyone you refer to our website when that person places an order of $ 30.00 or more AND we will also send a bottle to you with your next order.   Just remember to add your name & the referral name on the checkout page & tell your friend to do the same (for now put it in the Shipping Instructions section).

November is a beautiful and colorful month with its preparations for a Thanksgiving meal and anticipation of the holiday season that follows.  Flavorful recipes can be found in your cookbooks as well as at your favorite websites.   Our Ricotta and Pomegranate Pancake Recipe might be one you’ll try this month and add to your list of favorites!   Try the following recipe soon.

Pomegrante Pancakes


Perfect for the fall season!

1  3/4 cup pancake mix (use any kind, as shown, these were made w/ Buttermilk Pancake mix)
1 cup milk (use whole milk or 2% milk)
1 Tblsp canola oil
1 large egg
1 cup ricotta cheese
1/2 cup pomegranate seeds + as much as you’d like more for sprinkling

Mix all ingredients together.

Heat griddle.  Spray w/ butter spray on warm griddle.
Make pancakes, about 30 seconds on each side.
Sprinkle w/ pomegranate seeds.
Serve w/ your favorite syrup or any flavor of Casa Giulia Jams.
Makes 18 medium sized pancakes.    DELICIOSO!

Click on Recipes from our Home page for more!

If you’re in a rush and don’t want to “do” turkey in a few weeks consider our Formato Brothers Gourmet Italian Dinner with 16 items:  2 Conte gourmet sauces, 2 Conte Pastas, 1 LaVazza coffee, 1 Gecchele Allegria Cookies, 1 Casa Giulia Jam, 1 Antica Italia Balsamic Vinegar, 1 Mezzetta Italian Olive Antipasto, 1 jar Formato Brothers Muffuletta Olive Salad, 1 jar Formato  Brothers Hot Giardiniera, 1 jar Formato Brothers Mild Giardiniera, 1 Antica Italia Infused Oil With White Gtruffle and 1 Pagliacci Romano grated cheese.  Add a fresh salad, top with Antica Italia EVOO and Vinegar, pour a little vino and it’s done!  Complete!  All that’s left is to turn on your favorite football game and enjoy!

 Another recipe for your autumn mornings:  French Toast made with Panettone Italian Bread


Delicious for breakfast.

3 slices Panettone Sweet Angel Specialty Cake (sliced a little larger than regular bread)
2 large eggs (whisked & placed in a dipping container)
3 Tblsp powdered sugar

Use butter spray to coat a frying pan, set temp to medium-high.
Toast bread for 2 minutes on each side.
Place on serving platter, sift powdered sugar on each slice.

Enjoy this wonderful seasonal Italian dolce cake with a cup of LavAzza Coffee.

Do you need a corporate gift for your office staff or for a team building event?  Consider a gift basket filled with Formato Brothers products; we’ll even include recipe cards. Call or email me to create a custom gift for that special friend, relative, pool man, business associate: or 1-800-632-0840.



Amaretti Cookies in their familiar red tins and packaging are now available for holiday gift giving.  This seasonal item is always well received as it is a traditional cookie in Italian homes.  From our Home page click on Cookies for more information.


Panettone Italian bread comes in a 2 lb package, another holiday hit.  From our Home page click on Cake for more information. 


When I’m planning a large event I always find it relaxing to look through the more than 260 cookbooks I have at home for inspiration.  Carl is truly inspired lately and continues to experiment with new recipes of his own.  Using Formato Brothers Eggplant Salad as an ingredient, he has decided to create a few recipes that are both yummy and colorful.  Here’s a picture of a salad made with Formato Brothers Eggplant Salad, Tomatoes & Cukes.  Really really good.

Eggplant Salad Tomatoes Cukes 110410We recently returned from our yearly trip to Italy.  We had a wonderful time in Tuscany and Firenze and a highlight of the trip is always the food.  From our Home page, click on Blog, then click on ITALY 2010 for a pictorial of this year’s trip.  Here’s a sneak peak of a few pics from the Blog just to encourage you to click on to the Blog page for more.

Look for ITALY 2010 for more pics via our Blog page.  And in the meantime, we look forward to being part of your November and December event planning.  Best wishes for all you must now do!

Ciao e Grazie!

Judy Formato, President, Formato Brothers

One more thing . . . I just could not resist including this when I read it.  It’s written by someone named Anonymous:

” On Thanksgiving Day all over America families sit down to dinner at the same moment . . . halftime! “

And here’s a note from Carl.

HEY FOODIE!  (He likes to shout since he’s so enthusiastic about Formato Brothers products):

Thinking about holiday gift for another food lover?  Click on our Shipping Included Specials link on our Home page for some ideas.  There are several of them that would make great gifts.

And if you’re looking for a really spicy something for yourself, we’ve just added two new Formato Brothers items:  Hot Muffuletta Olive Salad and Hot Eggplant Salad.  That’s a spicy!

Buon Appetito!